Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why This Isn't a Cooking Blog, Pet Scans and Wall Art

I love to cook.  Finding a delicious-looking picture and tackling a new recipe are exhilarating.  And, since I gave up meat, it makes the cooking even more challenging.  Can I create something that even my carnivorous family will enjoy?  It's been chilly and raining, so my mind always turns to soup.  I love using every vegetable I can find, throw in a little whole-grain pasta, and make a skillet of corn bread. One of my friends calls it "mystery soup," and my husband says it's really more like stew, and there certainly isn't a recipe!  Hence, Reason #1 that I don't have a cooking blog.  Sometimes, I can't be bothered with a recipe.  Besides, I'm from Louisiana and most recipes just need a little more spicing up.

Pinterest has become my latest obsession (now that I'm caught up on all the past episodes of Breaking Bad...sorry, it's like a bad accident you can't stop looking at!). I've repinned some awesome recipes and tried a few immediately.  This Snickerdoodle cake was a break from chocolate for me.  Don't get me wrong, chocolate is still the preferred dessert in our home, but this was so pretty and light (hah!) with a touch of spice.  Took a while to make.... quite a few steps.

Which leads me to Reason #2 I don't have a cooking blog.  I'm a WIPER! My mother was a wiper.  I have to clean as I go, which includes washing the bowls, mixing cups, beaters, and wiping the counter top, the floor and anything else that flour sifted all over. Now, my sister-in-law Johnette is the best cook I know.  Amazing, since she couldn't cook doodly-squat when she married my brother.  But, the two mothers in her life were amazing cooks, and she paid attention..... except for the wiping and cleaning part.  She can DESTROY a kitchen while concocting the always amazing ten-course meals she loads on her trestle table. But, that's what makes the two of us an unbeatable team. I come behind her washing and wiping (annoying the stew out of her, I'm sure) and voila!  It's magic. But, I just can't see cooking, wiping and taking pictures of what I'm doing all at that same time. That's why Martha Stewart has a staff.

And, Reason #3. I cook on impulse. This is why I love my iphone, Netflix streaming, Kindle, and anything that provides immediate answers and gratification. I acknowledge the flaw in my personality.  So, when I see something that looks great, I quickly peruse the ingredients, and if I think I have everything I need, I begin.  However, 80% of the time, I am missing an ingredient or don't have quite enough of what I need, so I stop and dash to the grocery store (or sometimes I can beg my husband to go for me). It's never as simple as borrowing an egg or a cup of sugar, believe me.

So, while I may share a recipe with you every now and then, I won't be dedicating this space to cooking. I'm keeping that for fun.

No easy transition here, so I'll just say that I saw the oncologist, dermatologist, had blood work, and had my routine pet scan (is there such a thing?) last Friday and got results on Monday.  All was clear.  God continues to bless me in amazing ways, keeps the melanoma away, and allows me to enjoy this life abundantly.

I so admire my artistic friend Janice Wood in Birmingham, Alabama.  She customizes and paints these adorable crossword puzzle wall art (about four feet square). They are unique to each family, capturing special names, places, events, etc.  I am thankful that there are talented people with the patience to create wonderful pieces like this. She pours a lot of love into these.

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:1)

Are you an impulse cooker?
Are you a wiper when you cook?