Thursday, September 16, 2010

Enough Stuff, Already

Have you moved lately?  I mean, seriously moved. The kind of move where your whole life arrives in moving vans (two and a-half to be exact).  We've moved a lot, so I know what to expect and what is in front of me. This time, though, we have some serious down-sizing to do.  It is a continuation of our down-sizing effort when we moved to Dallas in 2006.  A career change (and the direction of God in our lives) led us to sell our three-story townhouse last December.  So, for the past nine months our stuff has been in storage and we have been living the life of Abraham and Sarah (sans tent and pregnancy).

God has truly blessed us during this time providing living arrangements bordering on five-star resort status through good friends.  But, the time has come for us to set up housekeeping on our own, again. We have found a house to lease that will allow us down-sizing room. It has the same square footage as our townhouse, but the rooms are much smaller and not as open in design.

Down-sizing takes commitment, because we can get really attached to our stuff.  I am determined, however, to not move some of this stuff ever again.  The endeavor will extend to the two storage units we have -- one of which is all Christmas stuff.  For example, I have a Dickens Village collection that hasn't seen the light of my Christmas tree in three years.  Blue-eyed Bride doesn't want it, so I'm selling it on ebay (unless you want it).  She does want my hand-blown glass ornaments, but I think I can get motivated to decorate a tree for few more years. However, this lease space only has 8-foot ceilings, so my 9 1/2 foot tree will not work.  See the problems that our stuff brings.

So, I'm putting myself and my stuff out there.  Here is what my life looks like today.  Let's see how long it takes to bring some order to this chaos and ship some things to consignment or charity.

This is going to be my office ...

There's more, but I am getting depressed looking at the work to be done.  I'm accountable to you, now, so gotta get to work!


  1. I wish I was there to help you! It's looking great! Sell that dang Dickens Village, but save the neck for me, Clark! wink wink

  2. Karen, this is Kathy from Crossett. Girl, I have so enjoyed reading your blog in recent weeks. I swear you and I were twins in a past life...cousins at the very least. Stuff? Did you say STUFF? We've moved a few times in 29 years including Atlanta to Oregon and back to Atlanta with our "stuff" only lighting in that beautiful west coast state for four months. Yep, almost met itself coming and going on the moving van! But, I say that to say this, in all our moves...uh, uh, I've never had a yard sale.....ever. yikes! I LUV my stuff, but have to get REAL at this point in life and get RID. I'll feel your pain if you'll feel mine.

  3. I can come help unpack or move things around this weekend for a few hours. Take me up on it and I'll bring a bottle of wine!

  4. Exciting to get to start over with your home again! That's the only thing I enjoy about moving - getting rid of all the old stuff. I'm hoping you'll start a fabulous eBay store and share some of your wonderful finds with us!

  5. Im downsizing too. It's hard, but so worth it to just live a more simple life!