Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Don't Touch That Dial

I live in my Suburban. It's my mini-office, pick-up and delivery vehicle (I once hauled a 90-inch sofa), and mode of transportation 80%  of the time. I just retired my 1997 Suburban with 249,000 miles. Broke my heart. I fit into that seat perfectly, and the inside was the color of my hair.

But, God provided me another one. It is a 2004 model, black with gray interior (NOT the color of my hair), less than 100,000 miles, and -- get this -- custom installed hanging rods in the back.  I knew it was meant for me when I saw those hanging rods.  No more wrinkled draperies!  It's growing on me.

When I'm in my Suburban, I am listening to talk radio 75% of the time, Christian radio 15% of the time, and music 10% of the time. And, I just have a simple request.  Don't mess with my radio station if you valet park my Suburban.

You see, Dallas has more valet parking sites per capita than any other city in the world (not a scientific statistic).  You can be valet'd at the movie, the hair dresser, the hospital, the World Trade Center, the mall, almost any restaurant (even if the parking lot is two steps away), and, of course, the usual places like hotels and special events. So, why is it that the valet dude feels it necessary to change my radio station?  Even if he is only in the vehicle for two minutes.  And, why must it be blaring?  And, why aren't there any women valet parkers?  Hudson says he has seen some, but I never have.  I'll bet she wouldn't change my radio station.


  1. I can't believe they would change the music ... that is insane! Most of the valets we have here don't even move the seats, which is amazing to me because I am 5'5'' and the fact that a 6'5" valet can drive my car without moving my seat is just a miracle. :)

  2. I'm sort of shocked that they would change your radio station! That's really rude!

  3. ok...WHAT! i can't BELIEVE you got a new ride?! i can't believe it! wow wow wow!! i didn't think this day would ever come. the old one was so...YOU! i'm sure this new one will begin to be "you" very soon, i have no doubt! congrats, kk :))