Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lymphs, Lamps and Laughter

I could not ask for a more diverse life these days. I'm writing as I wait for Dr. Saint Cyr to come in and remove the final stitches from the T-spot of my incision and flap. Last night was the end of sleeping with my leg elevated on two pillows. Hooray, because I'm a side-sleeper. (Note: To compose on an iphone is pure insanity, but I seize the time when it comes, and I'm sure I'm not the only blogger who has to do that.)

The weekend was spent with my friend of 25 years--a weekend where we saw 4 movies in three days and focused on everything but melanoma and lymph nodes. We sat through two sub-titled Stieg Larsson movies: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire. They were so good that we didn't even notice the sub-titles. I am reading the final installment of that trilogy -- The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest -- but I understand that the movie is not due out for a while.

I also wanted my friend to see Winter's Bone, and I didn't mind seeing the award-worthy performance of Jennifer Lawrence again. Great, great movie where the take-away is don't mess with your Missouri kin. Could there be two characters who are so different, yet so similar than Lisbeth Salander and Ree Dolly?

Then, we saw a new movie with Michael Douglas-- Solitary Man. I must admit I took a brief nap during that one, which was the one redeeming factor of the movie.

So, after movie marathon weekend, it was back to work on Monday and taking care of my swollen right leg. A little lymph node massage from the therapist was helpful, and she gave me some good pointers on self-massage. I kept wondering how I could be swollen from the removal of only three lymph nodes.  She enlightened me that there are only 10-12 lymph nodes in the groin, so I guess when 1/4 of them is missing, that would create the problem.  She encouraged a lot of movement, as did Dr. Saint Cyr.

Well, as always, I learn to be careful what I wish for.  Got the stitches removed, the wound all cleaned up, scabs peeled off, and now this leg is wrapped from can to can't!  It is wrapped in an ace bandage from the ankle to, well, you know where!  I may have to seek a cooler clime as I will be wearing this for several weeks to encourage the flap to flatten out.

The wrap slows my gait a little, but I did manage to do a five-hour installation today--lots of window treatments, bedding, and acessories.  My new favorite go-to in Dallas for last minute accessory fixes is Arteriors Too.  It is an offspring of the Arteriors showroom World Trade Center and the local warehouse and distribution center.  Defnitely worth a stop and prices are wholesale and works when I don't have time to order.

But,  the most fun of the day came in the form of lunch at Stephen Pyles with Jeanette and Marsha. 


 May I just say that Marsha strong-armed us into a dessert called "Coffee and Doughnuts." I had a five-hour installation to work off that splurge, and I needed it.

Trying to stay awake after that lunch on the 30-minute drive to my installation, I thought of how thankful I am for the diversity in my life.  Yes, even the adversity.  The challenges I have faced with my melanoma have brought amazing new people into my life, strengthened my faith, drawn me closer each day to God, and have made me immensely aware of and thankful for the too-many-to-count blessings He gives each day.  Like: 

Good friends with whom to eat, watch movies, and laugh
Sources for beautiful items with which to surprise my clients
My clients
God's love for me and the ability to search his word for the ultimate source of illumination.

Psalm 119:105 -- Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

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