Friday, July 9, 2010


As I begin my day in Bible study and prayer, there are always numerous items that I have to discuss with God. There are, however, two constants each and every day:

"Lord, please lead me in a blog topic that will teach me something and help someone else."

"Lord, my business is yours.  Lead me to the clients and work that you want me do."

Today, before I opened my eyes, I prayed about the blog topic.  My appointment for M. D. Anderson is scheduled for July 20, so I wanted to incorporate that trip into the content.  But, as I was drinking my coffee that my husband (my most treasured gift) has faithfully delivered to me in bed every morning of our almost 30 years of married life (he says it started because he didn't think I was ever going to get up and it was his polite way of saying "get up!"), my dear friend Kathy called to check on me and update me on her life and her upcoming trip to Italy.  She began to tell me about referring a few people to my blog, thinking it would be helpful to them in situations they are facing (i.e., divorce, death of a loved one, etc.). I was blown away and began to praise God immediately for answering my prayer about this blog.  Check!

Now, about my business.  I already have the coolest, most fun, entertaining, lovable clients (most of them) in the world.  Many of them have become very close friends.  We have lunch, go to movies, hang out...and most of them are MUCH younger than I, so I am most flattered that they even want to be around me.  I'm getting to see their precious children grow up and witness their lives unfold.  What a blessing!  This week my joy has ranged from:

             A young mother of 9-month-old twins.  She is my new heroine, no kidding.  She has no nanny, no help.  She is amazing and so in control.  I guess I could have done what she does (not now, no way) when I was her age, but I stand amazed as she feeds two, changes two, cuddles two, catches two as they fall over because the dog ran into them, and never raises her voice. We're going to make her home beautiful together!

Peyton's Room.  Remember the cherry-blossom-themed nursery?  We continue to make decisions and move to completion.  We have a delivery date:  September 9.  Here's another sneak preview of fabrics we are using in this little princess's room.  This was our inspiration fabric from Osborne & Little:

Then we added some other yummy go-withs:

It will be fun to see this all installed and ready for her to come home.

There were many other joys this week, but I had a rather unusual call for assistance.  It was a request to help de-clutter.  Now, I've done a couple of these before and, I must say, it is not my favorite thing to do. (If only Blue-eyed Bride were here; she's an organizing genius!)  As, I went for the initial consult, I knew immediately why God put this one on my to-do list.  Clinical depression is a serious, serious illness, and this is an extreme case--a debilitating situation.  She was a spotless housekeeper, with nothing out of place.  Then, the illness came -- along with a back injury -- and the clutter piled up.  I am calling in my favorite guy team of John and Travis (although primarily painters, they can do anything, and are always willing to help me) and we will get this done!  And, I will pray that this will help her depression in some way.  Thank you, God, for sending me to her.  Check!

"My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus - Philippians 4:19

I'm looking forward to the weekend and a visit from my friend Paula from Michigan.  She doesn't get independent films in her theaters, so we will probably be sitting in the dark for a large part of her visit. Hudson doesn't get it!  He says that you can't visit in a movie.  Hah!  YES WE CAN!  

Enjoy your weekend!

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