Monday, June 14, 2010

Takin' Food to the Sick. . .

In other parts of the country (not the South) folks make an attempt at feeding the sick or providing post-funeral meals for the family. I've lived there, so I know. And, they do a decent job of providing a satisfying meal. They try, but it's just not the same. Cold-cut trays, for example, do not meet the Southern definition of comfort food.

I have a favorite casserole (Chicken Spectacular from the Cotton Country cookbook by the Junior League of Monroe, Louisiana) that feeds a houseful of folks. It's an old standby for illness or death in the family. Someone brought it to me when my first child (Erin aka Blue-Eyed Bride) was born over 27 years ago. It fed us for a week! I have passed on the recipe to friends from Indiana to South Carolina and now, Texas. Some sure-to-bring-comfort foods include: fried chicken, potato salad, fresh corn, fresh peas or beans, homemade rolls or cornbread (in a pinch, Sister Schubert rolls are an excellent substitute) macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and for dessert...the traditional pound cake with some fresh peaches or strawberries for topping, banana pudding, or any number of homemade pies, including chocolate, coconut, lemon or pecan. A good casserole to put in the freezer until later is always appreciated, too. Drooling, yet? Or, wishing you were sick?

That being said, I am officially endorsing two new food items for the sick and bereaved:

These amazing little cakes are from nothing bundt cakes! I have eaten the full-size version of these and even sent them as gifts, but these little individual-size bundts are to die for. I actually discovered that my family was hiding them from me in my weakened condition.

Rivaling the bundt cakes are Sprinkles cupcakes. There will certainly be a flavor that's your favorite. I have great friends, don't I?

Now for the daily medical update:
I did go to my plastic surgeon's office today hoping to have my splint removed; but, to no avail.
He tightened the splint and redressed it so that with all my hopping around, there is still
support. He did remove the drainage tube, and said that I will get a walking splint on Thursday.
I will be patient and rest. But, I have work to do. Shhh! Are there anymore cupcakes?

Psalm 40:1
I waited patiently for the LORD, and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.


  1. Oh Karen...thank you so much for your well wishes. We are so excited!!

    And I so hope you get to feeling better soon! Matt and I were actually in Dallas over the weekend of the 5th for a wedding...and they had Sprinkles red velvet cupcakes. Seriously delicious :)

  2. When I had my son I got some of the greatest food: Homemade chicken pot pie; a whole box of kolaches from a local bakery; ham with some form of potatoes (can't remember what kind) and some other side not to mention a three layered Italian Cream Cake. Here in Texas we know how to eat too. Needless to say I had some trouble getting off some of that baby weight. Like your blog and praying that you are well soon.

  3. All that food and those desserts look and sound delicious!