Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, Monday

I have never liked Mondays; well, that is until I became self-employed and could plan my Mondays as I choose. I loved this Monday. I was a little tired after a very full Sunday. But, it was so refreshing to be able to go back to church yesterday. Being with the folks who are so faithfully praying for me charged me for the week ahead.

Even though it was dreadfully hot today, I enjoyed getting out and picking up accessories from Arteriors, bedding from Peacock Alley, and drapery hardware from one of my suppliers. It's always nice to be around pretty things, like the timeless beauty of these matelasses from Peacock Alley:

Then, it was off to an afternoon of hanging pictures and arranging shelves--two of my absolute favorite things to do. My client and I did a gallery wall of family pictures up a staircase. It was fun to hear her talk about different family members and periods of her life with her husband and two little girls.  We filled the wall with the stories of her life and interspersed three of these awesome mirrors from Arteriors to add a little light:

I feel like I know her so much better, now. She's been married seventeen years; Hudson and I will celebrate #30 in August. "How do you do it?" she asked.  "How do you stay so happy for so long?"  We discussed this in Sunday School yesterday. Who is resposible for bringing happiness to a marriage? Here's what I told my daughter about that same topic before she was married:

Your happiness in life must come from the Lord. It's the relationship you have with Christ that will satisfy your every need. Your husband, your friends, your teachers, even your pastor will disappoint you at some time--just as you will disappoint them. It cannot be helped; we are only human. But, Jesus will NEVER disappoint you. Through His love, which satisfies your every need, you can love others...even when they disappoint you. You can forgive them, even when you don't want to. And, you can give up an argument, even when you KNOW you are right.

Yes, it was a good Monday.  Look who else has a little trouble with Mondays.

Blueeyedbride sent this picture of Hudson trying to get on with his Monday!

On to Tuesday!

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