Friday, June 25, 2010

Jesus in the Pet Scan

Did you ever see that drawing that went around several years ago that you were supposed to look at and see either a scary figure or Jesus? We had one on our refrigerator for a few weeks. We all saw Jesus, except for my daughter (blueeyedbride). We still tease her today that she "couldn't see Jesus." Can you?

I had an experience yesterday during my PET scan that bears sharing. After drinking the radioactive banana smoothie, getting the radioactive dye in my vein, and an 80 minute nap to let the dye travel through my body, I was placed on the moving table to begin the scan. Just as the table began to move into the tube, I closed my eyes to ask God for peace and to be able to be still for 30 minutes. And, there He was ... The Comforter. The Holy Spirit. I saw the face of Jesus. Tears began to roll down each cheek. I couldn't wipe them, but He did. He wiped them away as I sofly hummed:
Here! He is here!
He has blessed us with His presence in this place;
We will not be the same....
(Doxology: Words by Rick Vale;
Recorded by Sandi Patti)

This morning, most of my stitches were removed. He left a few at the T, because it is a critical spot, but it feels better. Then, on to the
Medical Oncologist, Dr. Amy Harker-Murray. It was a good meeting as she gave me the great news that nothing of concern showed up in the PET scan. And, she reiterated the options of doing more lymph removal and/or interfuron treatment as extra precaution. The clinical trials for both are not really encouraging, but I will pray earnestly about these options before I see her again next week. We will also have CT and MRI results by then.

I am boosting my immune system with
Juice Plus, Aloe Juice, Vitamin B and D. There are some interesting results out of M.D. Anderson concerning the use of turmeric (curry spice). So, I am hot on that trail, too. I certainly don't have the answers; so, I am relying on the Lord to direct my next steps.

"When we are at our wits' end for an answer, then the Holy Spirit can give us an answer. But how can He give us an answer when we are still well supplied with all sorts of answers of our own?"
-Karl Barth-
From: Forgotten God: Reversing our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit by Francis Chan


  1. What a beautiful post! I see Jesus too! Congratulations on the good news! I am thrilled for you and your family.

    My aunt was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma a few years ago. Here is her blog

  2. Wonderful news! Thankful for God's peace given you this week. He is the Comforter. Love you, PC

  3. I am so grateful for the moments of peace you felt, and the good news you received!
    As I prepare for some rather frightening surgery myself, your words of wisdom and faith have truly been a blessing. Have a wonderful and restful weekend!

  4. I just ran across your daughter's blog and saw the link to your blog. I want to share some hope with daddy had a malignant melanoma removed 21 years ago. Praise the Lord he has had no further complications from it. He had a large portion of his upper arm removed but all is well. He is fighting another battle with cancer now (totally unrelated to the melanoma thank God). He has multiple myeloma and recently had a stem cell transplant. We are praying and believing for complete remission. We will add you to our prayer list. I kept a blog during transplant...please check it out if you have time.
    There is an awesome song on there that a lady at our church sang for him. May God continue to bless you.